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Underland - textile art collection

Underland - Eye contact
Underland - Networking
Underland - Excavation work
Death is Woven In
The Metamorphosis of Aoife
No such thing as separation

Strings and threads are everywhere, stitching all life together. From the hyphae of mycelium to the cosmic web, from neural pathways and memory nets to blood vessels and leaf vein fractals, the natural world is filled with intricate networks. These webs and threads appear fragile, but they are strong and resilient, and the genesis for life and consciousness.

Thread Painting collection - wildlife

Sleeping Fox
Long-eared Owl
Long-tailed tit

In this collection of thread paintings I have drawn upon my love for wildlife and its exquisite beauty, along with our collective need to protect it and allow it to flourish. Each thread painting is lovingly hand stitched as a reminder of the unique diversity around us. I have the privilege of working with wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in Ireland. This is a continual source of inspiration and has allowed me to observe animals and birds and their behaviour. This collection is ongoing.

Fabric art

Hope is the thing with feathers 2
Detail from "No such thing as separation"
Detail from "No such thing as separation"
Aquarius constellation
Leo constellation
Osberstown canal lock
Cosmic Web 1
Cosmic Web 2
Dark matter
Curragh Military Cemetery

In this collection I have combined collage using recycled fabrics with thread painting.

Embroidery on tulle

Large dandelion clock 1
Large dandelion clock 2
Large dandelion clock 3
Alium 'Globemaster'
Small Dandelion Clocks
Dandelion Clock 1
Dandelion Clock 2
Dandelion Clock 3

Hand embroidering on tulle has many challenges, but the transparent effect is worth it.

Insect embroidery series

Buff-tailed Bumblebee
Early Bumblebee
Garden Bumblebee
Common Carder Bee
Death is Woven In - Detail

A series of embroidery created in order to celebrate our incredible insects and their vital importance in the ecosystem. This is an ongoing project in which I have primarily focussed on bumblebees, using both thread painting and Turkish rug stitch - with wirework to create 3D embroidered silk organza wings. 


The Cailleach
Bird Cage Skirt
Let your imagination fly
Peace Nutcracker Soldier
Three Little Pigs
Ted Hughes' The Iron Man

A selection of illustrations in a variety of mediums.

Folklore and fairytales series

The owl and the pussycat
Sleeping Beauty
Alice in Wonderland
Little Red Riding Hood
The Princess and the Pea
Baba Yaga
Northern Lights
The Red Shoes
The Wizard of Oz
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Snow White
Jack and the Beanstalk
Hansel and Gretel

I am inspired by the narratives that shape our lives: the stories, poetry and drama that we share and are entertained by. I am particularly drawn to to the stories which delve in to the subterranean, beneath the façade and behind the ordinary. In this collection I have used the simplicity of black ink to create images of popular fairytales and folklore. Taking the viewpoint of one or more character, I attempt to see the story from their unique perspectives, often attempting to subvert their traditional roles.

Paintings, pastels and pencilwork

Another Place
The badger sett
New Forest Adders
Barn owl
Brownsea Island Red Squirrel
Bull Island
Hook Head

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol - Scrooge counting his money
A Christmas Carol - Bah Humbug!
A Christmas Carol - Scrooge's front door
A Christmas Carol - the ghost of Jacob Marley
A Christmas Carol - the Ghost of Christmas Past
A Christmas Carol - Christmas morning

Images from the Charles Dickens' story A Christmas Carol

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